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Bella Casa is the manifestation of top grade designs amalgamated with a gentle touch of natural fibers, rich patterns and deluxe textiles. With breathtaking color combinations and prints we create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere for your home. And while we redesign your home, we also put our soul into refashioning your ethnic wardrobe with trendsetting styles that we create in the most pleasing hues and forms.
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What We Do


What We Do

Reflecting a distinctive Indian perspective, we have been innovators in aspirational lifestyle branding and believe that, under the direction of a perceptive and judicious leadership team, we have had a considerable influence on the way Indian bedding and ethnic fashion is celebrated. We combine consumer insights with our design, marketing, and imaging skills to offer broad lifestyle product collections with a unified vision.

What Defines Us

Design Capabilities

At the outset, our design teams adapt trendsetting styles inspired by celebrity outfits, street styles, and active sportswear into marketable garments for consumers. We use latest computer-assisted design techniques that allow designers to rapidly make changes to a proposed design’s silhouette, fabric, trimmings, and other elements and making it easy to promptly share the proposed changes with partner fabric mills.

Our designers gather their knowledge and expertise from comprehensive travel and research picking up abstract, sometimes even literal cues, from artists, culture, fashion – both vintage and contemporary – to bring back home designs ideas that are ultimately transformed into masterpiece end products at Bella Casa. The design team consistently educates and updates itself on global fashion & design trends through portals like the WGSN (Worth Global Style Network). We keenly focus on expert product design and consumer forecasts that provide international trend insights to help us create the right products at the right time for tomorrow’s consumer.

Originality, excellence and customization are the biggest strengths of our xxx people strong product design & development team. Our incessant endeavors to employ new design trends, fresh hues, weaves and finishes provide customers with a wide variety of contemporary products to choose from each year. Our customers are spoilt for choice as we create over 12 mn. units each year.

How much can we build

Manufacturing Capabilities

The manufacturing process at Bella Casa is meticulously structured to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal quality output. With production spanning across multiple segments, we have a dedicated team involved in planning each line and developing designs. From sourcing materials to translating the clothing design into a pattern in a range of sizes followed by assembling of garments, everything is accomplished using high-end technology computer-guided knives or high-intensity lasers that can cut many layers of fabric at once.

Nevertheless, the fundamental process of sewing remains labour-intensive. Assembled garments go through various processes collectively known as “finishing” subsequent to which they are pressed and packed for shipment.  

Bella Casa is now moving away from traditional manufacturing towards the lean system according to which assembly line workers learn to execute a variety of production tasks, take charge for product quality, and are encouraged to find ways to improve the production process.  With this move, we are going to focus on:

  • Eliminating unnecessary waste, including but not limited to time loss, excessive raw material inputs and preventable defects
  • Reducing lead and cycle times
  • Reducing inventory levels at every stage of production
  • Improving workforce productivity
  • Optimizing the use of equipment and space


We believe that innovation is a complex, company-wide endeavor, and it requires a set of cross cutting practices and processes to structure, organize, and encourage it. Innovation is at the core of every practice we undertake – whether it is at the design conceptualization stage, manufacturing stage, or garment assembly stage. Technological innovation at Bella Casa has extensively automated processes like designing for larger size, fabric cutting and assembly, also ensuring premium quality production.

We regard innovation-led growth as critical, and invest in a coherent, time and risk balanced portfolio of initiatives with sufficient resources to win. We also ensure our people are motivated, rewarded and recognized so that they are driven towards repeated innovation.

In the digital age, the pace of change has gone into hyperspeed, so we incessantly strive to get these strategic, creative, executional, and organizational factors right to innovate successfully.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Quality is of prime importance to us at Bella Casa. We understand that customers demand and expect value for money and as producers of apparel and home furnishings, we constantly endeavour to produce work of good quality.

In our company, quality control is practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the final stage of production. For the home textile and apparel industry, product quality is measured in terms of standard of fibres, yarns, fabric construction, colour fastness, surface designs and the final finished garment products and Bella Casa strives to deliver that.

Our Quality Control Process
  1. Testing of Yarn
    Routine checks are carried out on yarns with appropriate tests e.g. crimp nylon-Crimp Rigidity test
  2. Recording Fabric Specification
    Recording all details of making-up, including the type and count of the sewing thread, and the order of seaming the parts.
  3. Testing Physical Properties of Garments
     Recording the dimensions of the garment as soon as it is completed
    Rechecking the measurements after wash
  4. Liaison of Quality Control with Cost Department
    On completion, supplying cost department with all information.
    Make an appropriate adjustment to yarn costs and weight.
    Make an allowance for any anticipated extra difficulties or a higher than normal rate of seconds.
  5. Subsequent Alteration
    Making any necessary alterations required by the firm or by buyers.
    Record changes at each stage.

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